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As I was watching my response to a friend’s response to another isis killing and after seeing american sniper, the film as well as seeing that it has become the largest selling war film of all time and since others in the consciousness movement might be getting excited to go to war, I have some things to say…


Id prefer not to go into the “conspiratorial” slant of who actually has created such enemies as al Queda and now ISIS and who will it be next year or next month depending on the war pollsters who can manipulate the psyches and consciousness of the american public. But I do want you to see how the media makes war in a documentary SHADOWS OF LIBERTY at Steynberg Feb 24th: https://www.facebook.com/events/860769803983236/ or if you are not on fb: http://www.hopedance.org/events/icalrepeat.detail/2015/02/24/881

Just at a time when I was really getting the visceral notion of “it hurts me when I go to war” or in other words “I am hurting myself when I go to war” or it pains me to keep a grudge or it pains me to go after you and blame you for my hurt, etc…. When I got it, really, that “the more I wanted to hate the more I actually was in pain” very similar to the recent documentary film, THE POWER OF THE HEART : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jobk3Usi73k

When the “warrior” is about to behead the old lady, he hears her voice (in answer to his earlier question about what is hell), “that is hell.” And then when he begins to really take that in and begins to cry (in visceral recognition), she exclaims, “and that is heaven.”

When I was super disappointed at a friend for not doing a thing that I asked of him (that affected many other things), I could feel the rage come forth and be birthed and wanted to shame and blame and destroy him but fortunately for my sensitivities I realized I was really viscerally hurting myself and the more effort it took to feel good about me the more I knew I needed to let go of beating him up.. the notion can be summed up as: “it is in my self interest to become compassionate”. I will repeat that again because I dont think I have ever heard of that notion before.. compassion typically is an energy going outside ourselves but what Im saying is: that its in MY self interest, my sanity, my mental and emotional health to be forgiving and to be compassionate. Is that revolutionary or ancient wisdom? or am I simply being honest?

So that being said I was reeling this morning about how forgiveness is not a very popular topic especially where war can be triggered with a few images on the TV screen and let people do what they automatically do and forget about evolution or higher consciousness.

Years ago when I was about 50 I recall reading a book called THE FORGIVENESS FACTOR http://www.amazon.com/The-Forgiveness-Factor-Scott-Bradley/dp/1257821857 where there were hundreds of stories about forgiveness. Most were centered around a retreat center in Switzerland I recall… where groups of past “enemies” would come together to forgive and to heal.. Germans and Jews, Palestinians and Israelies and others and I was shocked, delightfully so that this was being written about and acted about.. and yet I was also taken a back as to why wasnt this on the front pages of every publication in the world TODAY? Well for one thing peace doesnt sell and war does. Could it be that banal and easy as that? Im afraid so. Is it nefarious and cospiratorial as some would suggest? Well, since there is so much agreement and its not that much of a hard sell why would they both be so secretive?… But if the populace ever gets smarter and wiser Im sure the “conspiratorial” elements will resort to more mischievous methods.. but since most of us are still pretty low on the totem pole of consciousness its really easy to manipulate us…

Roger Walsh

So that being said, Id like to move on to another portion of this major topic and thats the new GI, the Gnostic Intermediary, a notion Roger Walsh, MD, a transpersonal psychotherapist, who uses it in his practice (the term originally comes from Carl Jung). The GI really ignited my imagination. http://www.drrogerwalsh.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/Transmission-of-Wisdom.pdf https://www.integrallife.com/video/what-we-are-doing-common

The Gnostic Intermediaries (GIs) are people who were not indoctrinated into one specifc mode of culture but had an expansive view of the world, could be comfortable in many settings and resilient and who could easily find the core of the human in each new setting, geographical or mental. Their job was to find the common core, the common denominator, the common language where peace and forgiveneness could prevail in times of a crisis. And to be used in hot spots of the globe where fighting broke out.. and rather than enflame the crisis and make it worse, the GIs would hopefully be invited to assist in the crisis…. Marshall Rosenburg, who recently passed, has numerous experiences using NVC in war torn areas where success was felt and embodied… http://www.jerusalem-academy.org/marshall-b-rosenberg.html

Highly acclaimed musician Michael Franti in a film called I AM NOT ALONE reveals the number of peace groups (as well as musicians) in the middle east most notably Iraq and Palestine/Israel for his search for peaceful methods. See his film here: http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/i-know-im-not-alone/ He not only meets with activists but people who are dialoguing with their enemies as in the group Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Groups: http://traubman.igc.org/dg-prog.htm

Also the compassionate listening project has been around for decades originally founded by Gene Knusden Hoffman, is being reactivated: http://www.compassionatelistening.org/

And what about this notion of the media creating war or perpetuating it, being the media FOR the war rather than reporting about the war and critiquing war itself?
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