The Regrarians Handbook by Darren J. Doherty and John Andrew Jeeves

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The Regrarians Handbook is a succinct & sequential outline of over 260 integrated methodologies and techniques that have been proven over many years of universal application to work towards regenerating production landscapes. It does so in a wholly practical, positive and pragmatic fashion, promising to be a relatively ageless classic that generations of users will refer to as they negotiate the design, development and management of systems they operate.

In 2001 Permaculture legend Bill Mollison asked our own Darren Doherty to write a book on Permaculture processes that Tagari Publications (Bill’s production house) would publish. This didn’t happen though it stimulate the thinking towards the development of ‘The Regrarians Handbook’.
Darren has joined forces with ‘Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual‘ (1988) illustrator & co-designer Andrew Jeeves in what promises to be the production of an ‘instant classic’.
“…The layout by Andrew Jeeves is informative, attractive and simple;
his drawings express concisely points sometimes belaboured in the
text. I found myself paging through the book just to take in the artwork…”

The size, feel & format of this book is that of a handbook such that it is an easy and ready accompaniment to the emerging Regrarians kit. Accordingly the handbook is structured to be easily understood with a limited array of jargon, highly descriptive (black & white) illustrations with none of the superfluity that practical people will find easy to summon into action.

The primary inspiration for ‘The Regrarian Handbook’ was based on my own needs. I’ve used 8′ x 6′ Moleskine/Rhodia notebooks over many years to record and design, annotate and conjure. I carry a number of volumes around with me due to the valuable information in them that can’t be readily found anywhere else. Since starting the project many others have agreed that this is a book that will address an enormous gap and now obvious need.

The secondary inspiration was that of the late P.A. Yeomans and his ‘Keyline Scale of Permanence’ (1958). Permaculture co-originator David Holmgren described Yeomans as the ‘first person to develop a system of functional broadscale landscape design’ and the Keyline Scale of Permanence was central to this system. As a life-long ‘Keyliner’, I have taken great inspiration from the practicality and universal applicability of Yeomans principles to production landscapes.

‘The Regrarian Handbook’ is also about its users developing a broader capacity to understanding how to apply integrated & holistic decision making and design into production landscapes that at once encourages self-determination but also recommends due diligence.
Following the theme of ‘user-friendliness’, we intend to have references listed at the bottom of any page or at the end of each chapter NOT at the end of the book.

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