By BoNhia Lee
The Fresno BeeDecember 21, 2014 Updated 4 hours ago

Fresno’s California Tiny House has begun production of small houses with the first almost compete.

A growing movement to downsize and simplify life into a couple hundred square feet of space has made its way to the central San Joaquin Valley.

A Fresno company is building tiny houses on trailers. And a community devoted to the pint-sized homes — possibly the first in California — is getting ready to open next month in the Tulare County town of Lemon Cove.

California Tiny House and Lemon Cove Village are among the first to introduce the Valley to a housing trend that started before the Great Recession, but was fueled by the housing bust and an interest to be more environmentally friendly.

“The tiny house movement reflects a desire to live a more fulfilling life with greater freedom, less stuff and no debt,” said blogger Elaine Walker, the creator of and one of the leaders behind the American Tiny House Association. “People want to chart their own destiny.”

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