When it comes to the Holidays, a very strong part of me has always wanted to retreat. At various times in my life I was very lucky to combine both Christmas and New Years into one long ten day vipassana meditation retreat course and it was delightful, painful yes but compared to the incessant shoping mentality in the american psyche that I sought to extricate myself from, it was pure bliss. Well, now those ten day retreats are packed with younger people now who register much earlier (and the course has divided so courses dont combine the two holidays but a course during christmas and a course during new years). Also, with more business to attend to etc., I find it challenging to remove myself for ten days. So, be that as it may, I also have been contemplating on how does one heal the duality between giving and receiving mode of most humans. It becomes quite apparent when we see it globally as in not just in the obvious duality of Taking and Giving but how does one turn their service into a way that can sustain their lives so they can continue doing their service, their giving, their purpose in the world… without suddenly shifting gears and get a “job,” lets say, where one has to work for a wage.

So in the past few years Ive been almost unconsciously moving in that direction. The MLM (multi-level-marketing) model for some have been that antidote, whereby you can chat with friends about various products, seduce/educate them to sign up and somehow convince them that they need the product on a regular basis and then you will be receiving a residual income so one can both relax, do what your work in the world really is, more full time. And for some people that has worked. I tried it and it just never worked for me for my peculiar reasons. However, the energy to move into some direction that compensates me for what products I do love but people don’t have to feel forced to pay attention, learn the rules, forced to buy at a particular time of the month, etc.

So, after awhile of experimenting I noticed I was attracted to the affiliate scenario as in letting folks know about a particular brand or group of products and if they purchased them under my membership then Id get some monies. And then there is the share economy in the sense that if I shared by guest room for out of towners for a day or two I could make some money by simply having that space available for travelers or letting people know about free installation of solar panels and getting a check after someone using my code would actually have the panels installed and things like that. Now for me, that felt good. And especially since Ive been in the media business for 30 odd years and I see it becoming free and free and freer and since I decided to stop printing for various and obvious reasons I still keep it alive online and on social media that energy in me that wants to share information since thats the kernel of any publiser type personality unless of course theres some mental deconstruction happening where certain publishers need to have power in making sure the world sees ONLY their peculiar viewpoiont.. but thats another topic and I will leave that for now.

And the alleged duality of giving and receiving eased. I was giving to others information about a product lets say and if they purchased something, like they would throughout their ordinary lives at other stores or whatever because I was a middle man of sorts, invisible often, then the idea is that I would earn a percentage. Even though neither the solar or the products have panned out it still illustrates my notion of healing the duality.

So with that long introduction I simply want to share with you certain ways you can buy things that are good for the environment, good for your health and gives back to me so I can continue doing what I love to do. Plain and simple. So with that out of the way I will simply jot down what the product or service is and you can decide if you wish to pursue it, either for the holidays or throughout the year.

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• The status of my Laughter Book called “From Laughter to Joy: Meditations on the Laughter Yoga Community”…Now that I have rediscovered my ISBN#s I can now finish the book and am awaiting an interview with Albert Nerenberg, director of the outstanding film about laughter called LAUGHOLOGY. You cant buy it yet!


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• I do airbnb, as part of the new and evolving share economy… The Airbnb sites are in SLO and are here and here. Tell your traveling friends about me, and see the splendid reviews before signing up… If you have a spare bedroom and wish to know more, I can either assist you or manage your listing.

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All kinds of foods, bring old gifts for new people…

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