Prado Warming Station

Each year Prado Day Center opens up as a “Warming Station” to provide overnight accommodations to those homeless individuals and families that would otherwise be outside in the elements.  The Warming Station opens when freezing temperatures and/or more than 3 nights of rain are forecast.

Prado Day Center is looking for volunteers who have a heart for those in need and are willing to donate their time to covering the Warming Station shifts. Please email CAPSLO manager Shawn Ison at [email protected] so that you can get on the distribution list. Later this winter, when they plan to open the Warming Station, you will get an email asking if you’d like to volunteer. Just like with the Homeless Shelter Overflow, no experience is necessary – only compassion for your fellow human beings.

I found a good explanation online for the “Warming Station”  (note that some details may have changed since this was written). The interior of the Prado day center does not change. No beds would be offered. There may be blankets and sleeping bags, but people would have to utilize the interior as is. The accommodations are similar to an ‘airport style’ of comfort. People can rest in chairs and/or sleeping bags, but no beds will be brought in.

Additional Information

– Warming Station Shifts: 4:30pm-12:00a, 12:00am-8:30am or 4:30pm-8:30am

– Volunteers must complete a volunteer application

– Volunteers must show a photo I.D.

– Volunteers must be willing to be called upon within 24-hours’ notice

If you can’t volunteer your time, Prado Day Center needs the following items to support the Warming Station:

– Blankets, Pillows, Sleeping Bags

– Disposable plates/bowls/cups/utensils

– Milk, juice, lunchmeat, cheese, mayonnaise, mustard, sliced bread

– Coffee/tea, creamer, sugar, snacks- Cup of Noodles/canned soups

Send your email address to Shawn Ison at [email protected] to get on the Warming Station email list.