ReSkillingLogo-300-50ReSkilling Expo to be Held at Vets Hall

Learn Hands-On Practical Skills for Living

Ever wanted to know how to raise chickens? can tomatoes? make a compost pile? or cook with just the sun? On November 9, from 10 to 5 at the Vets Hall in San Luis Obispo, 801 Grand Avenue, the SLO Transition Towns Hub will put on a ReSkilling Expo, a day-long offering of practical hands-on experiential workshops, during which community members will learn —or relearn—a practical skill that may prove useful in making them more self-reliant. Local “creative guides” will lead these workshops. Cost is $5 for individuals and $10 for families.

“ReSkilling is reclaiming sustainable living skills we may have lost due to mechanization and industrialization, such as knitting and crocheting, planting our own food, and redesigning old clothes,”says Program Chair Liana Forest. “It allows us to relearn handicrafts and learn practical ways of doing things.”

There are many benefits to being able to manage our own food, water, shelter, waste, transportation, health, and clothing. We spend less money and are less vulnerable to changes in the weather and economy. Being more self-sufficient means being less dependent on services provided by others, especially those who live outside of our community. It also means that in case of a crisis that affects transportation of goods that we can rely on local sources of food and energy and maintain the goods we already own.

Plus a reskilling event provides an opportunity to build community connections: we learn from one another and get to know one another.

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