When I first saw this documentary, I know I needed to purchase the rights to screen it, since thats what I do. And after more than 15 screenings I still enjoy it, which is rare. The film is about so many of us and it focuses on one man Tom Kenyon who was a typical American boy trying to make his life work yet has some strange experiences that spawned him to learn more about the realms outside of normal perception. From his samadhi experience when he was a young boy sitting under a tree at his Uncles farm where he noticed he was creating spontanuous mudras with his hands not knowing what he was doing at all. Then there was the time when he had a kundalini experience while simply meditating on a glorious spring day during his college campus days.


This film is a story about Tom’s journey with his natural talent of singing and of song that evolved to learning more about vibrations, crystal bowl energies as well as meeting some aliens called the Hathors. Overall its a story of life in transition globally… from being a rational thinker, brain scientist in attempting to reconcile his rational knowledge with his otherworldly woowoo experiences. And its done in such a way that is neither too critical or too woowoo but a balance is kept in place which is very effective and yet it is what it is because we are hearing it all from Tom himself. And not just his words, but his Songs as well!

The animations are great. A film like this would definitely need some animation artwork to tell the stories from his past. They were very much fun to watch and simply enjoyable to witness someone else’s travails and journeys into the unknown. Its the kind of film that brings you along for the ride and you can get off at any time if you are feeling uncomfortable.

The songs that he sings are so moving. The part where he sings the Song to Gaia touched me to the core. I think the first ten times it became automatic for me to tear up, to really feel what we are doing to the planet not from such data and analysis of this or that being destroyed but a dimension of depth and profound grief and sorrow that has to break me/us in order to shake us out of these slumbers we are in.. This film is a call for awakening in a most subtle way.

And what he says about the divine feminine in terms of all these necessary changes, is so important. Not just speaking about how the feminine needs to rise to power but its not a male power or a masculine power which we have already witnessed in past decades but a depth that becomes a cauldron for all relationships especially for those couples who see relationship as path, as cauldron for a deeper healing that includes the earth as well. This is potent material yet he engages us with humor and childlike antics and at one time for him to seriously talk about channeling whales, I was finding myself on my edge listening and being right there with him.

Tom’s story is our story, in that we are wanting depth, we know we are destroying the planet and are confused as to what we can do.. but Tom is called to bring the song of the new earth and the Hathors explain to him that he needs to travel around the world with his Song and to feel the Earth, to feel dark spirits in the earth and others and to express that energy in his songs to audiences around the world. We need people like Tom Kenyon not just for inspiration but to see and hear and witness his story about transformation and while keeping his sense of humor we see a loving man surrendering to what his destiny is all about.. and in our tasting of his journey without much talking about it but witnessing it and feeling it on a deeper level, it can deeply inspire us to go deeper into our journeys, the reason we are here at this precious time as well as looking at our relationships and that the same healing going into our relationships is what is necessary to change the world.

Thank you Tom and thanks to the film crew who created the film for us to see, feel and to allow the energies to get us on our path and do what we need to do for the short time we have here…..

– Bob Banner