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LATEST (Aug 8, 2015) : YES MEN pull no punches when it comes to their satirical 11min film called SKIPPING SHOWERS FOR BEEF: HERE

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1. An Interview with the filmmakers:

2. a QUIZ on how much water it takes to make / grow things:

3. What does it take to produce the American favorite meal: coke, burger and fries:

4. Trailer for film:

5. Why Ranchers Should Care about the new film Cowspiracy:

6. Allan Savory’s TED talk about using animals to green the deserts (and apology for killing thousands of Elephants in his past which Cowspiracy graphically illustrated):

7. Al Gore Avoids Inconvenient Truths

8.The UN Report that was cited in the film:
Rearing cattle produces more greenhouse gases than driving cars, UN report warns

9. Livestock‘s Long Shadow:

10. Al Gore Goes Vegan, Following In Footsteps Of Bill Clinton

11. Dr. Will Tuttle, who is featured in the film, author of The World Peace Diet:

12. Some resources and bios of the researchers in the film:

13. a review:

14. info and stats about methane :

15. See their website with trailer:

16. The Truth About Grassfed Beef by John Robbins

17. Eat more meat and save the world: the latest implausible farming miracle by George Monbiot

18. Why George Monbiot is wrong: grazing livestock can save the world by L Hunter Lovins:

19. Fact Checks:

20. Kiss Your Grassfed Beef Goodbye: GMO Grass About to be Approved

21. Vegan Starter Kit:

22. A clip from Carbonnation:

23. From Johanna Andris : <<I leaflet regularly at Cuesta, Allan Hancock, and CalPoly to educate students about the cruelties of animal ag. No event is planned. We just go and hand out information. I use a variety of leaflets from various organizations. My favorite these days is I really like the layout and it gives good info on the amount of water and grain needed to produce various animal products. I also like this leaflet: I will have both available on Thursday. We can certainly have an impact by making changes to our own behaviors, yet our impact can increase exponentially if we can help others make changes in their behaviors. I have also set up a table with laptops and paid students $1 to watch this 4-minute video: We’ve had several people become vegan on the spot. It is very powerful! >>

24. A segment clip from THE ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR:–zc1KIxk

25. Almond Milk/Water Use conundrum?

See #32. These are the Footnotes/References Chris Hedges made at the end of his article above.

27. How Factory Farming Contributes to Global Warming…

28. The best facts via video from the film COWSPIRACY:

29. Sierra Club Exec Director Bruce Hamilton changed his tune from being interviewed in COWSPIRACY to a new article he recently wrote (Oct 2, 2014) about Food and Our Climate :

30. A funny yet very creative video clip about the realities behind “sustainable” “grass fed” “compassionate” and “humane” butchering:

31. RT (Moscow) interviews Kip from COWSPIRACY:
its a 3 segment show, go to 6:34 for the COWSPIRACY interview and clips.

32. These are the Footnotes/References Chris Hedges made at the end of his article, mentioned in #26:
<<Footnotes: 1. “Water Footprint Assessment.” University of Twente, the Netherlands.

2. “What’s the Problem?” United States Environmental Protection Agency. “Livestock’s Long Shadow: Environmental Issues and Options.” Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. 2006.

3. Ibid.

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5. “Lifestock’s Long Shadow: Environmental Issues and Options.” Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. 2006.

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8. Ibid.

9. “Water Trivia Facts.” United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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11. Thornton, Phillip, Mario Herrero, and Polly Ericksen. “Livestock and Climate Change.” Livestock Exchange, No. 3 (2011).

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13. “Water Footprint Assessment.” University of Twente, the Netherlands. >>
33. Foodies, feds and factory farms — Why we need vegans now more than ever

34. DEMOCRACY NOW Debate: After Activists Covertly Expose Animal Cruelty, Should They Be Targeted With “ag-gag” Laws? with Will Potter and Emily Meredith (both featured in COWSPIRACY)

35. <<Let’s get it right: it’s not drought or climate change that is wreaking havoc on water supplies in California or anywhere else in the southwest U.S. … it’s what we are eating.>>

36. PETA’s colorful reference page:

37. WorldWatches first reports called “Is Meat Sustainable”, July/August, 2004:

38. A Critique of Veganism: Veganism can be destructive; meatless meat oppressive

39. The new work and vision and mission of Paul Hawken:

40. NEW BOOK called COWED by enviro famed Dennis Hayes and his partner: HERE
COWED: The hidden impact of 93 million cows on America’s Health, Economy, Politics, Culture, and Environment (March 9, 2015)

41. Arctic Methane Emergency: (Methane released by the Gigaton) :

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