For more info please email [email protected] or visit our calendar at www.HopeDance.org with details, flyers, trailer and maps. No one will be turned away from lack of funds. HopeDance is a non-profit under the umbrella of Ecologistics (CC Bioneers). We also accept 2 CC Exchange Hours /SLOTimeBank for payment for each film. Payment varies depending on the contractual arrangement with each film.

July 15, Tues., 7pm Donation

at SLO Grange Hall, 2880 Broad, SLO

Swiss journalist Res Gehringer has investigated this money-making phenomena. Nestlé refused to cooperate, on the pretext that it was “the wrong film at the wrong time”. So Gehringer went on a journey of exploration, researching the story in the USA, Nigeria and Pakistan. His journey into the world of bottled water reveals the schemes and strategies of the most powerful food and beverage company on our planet.
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July 17, Thursday, 7pm ; Donation

at SLO Grange Hall, 2880 Broad in SLO

 This new film examines a global epidemic through one boy’s inspiring journey to regain his health from the inside out. Interspersed with interviews and advice from leading health and wellbeing experts from around the globe, providing simple solutions to improve the quality of our own lives…
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July 18, Friday, 7pm
Green Lotus Center, 550 Morro Bay Blvd.
(6-7pm social time in the sunken garden)
(Suggested donation of $10)


“The air in the room crackled with energy and intimacy during the movie. The passion of the teachers was felt when they consistently reached out by making direct eye contact. It was as if each one was speaking to me personally and I felt known by the end of the film.”
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July 21, Monday, 7pm

SLO Library Palm& Osos, SLO

A most informative and compelling story of the history of damming the rivers throughout the US to finally come to the realization that most were simply a power grab in their beginnings of the power brokers and now many of them are being decommissioned…
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July 23, Wednesday, 7pm

OPEN SESAME: The Story of Seeds
at the Steynberg Gallery & Cafe
1531 Monterey St. in SLO

One of the world’s most precious resources is at risk. This timely and emotionally moving film illuminates what is at stake and what can be done to protect the source of nearly all our food: SEEDS.

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AND in
Ojai on July 25th at Sacred Space Studio (http://hopedance.org/events/icalrepeat.detail/2014/07/25/723)
Facebook for Ojai: https://www.facebook.com/events/294803844024257

July 26, Saturday, 7:30pm
Center of the Heart, Santa Barbara

The Future of Energy is a positive film about the renewable energy revolution and a love story about the countless people and communities re-imagining their relationship with the planet and each other.
    “ By the final credits, you’ll know both how and why renewable energy is the cleanest, quickest, cheapest, and safest way to supply all of our energy needs.”   — Michael Brune, Executive Director, Sierra Club

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/events/876370279057010/

July 28, Monday, 6pm (dinner)
film at 7pm (Dinner $10 and donation for the film) at Steynberg Gallery,  
1531 Monterey St. in SLO
Part #2 of the South American FiLM Series

Tells the story of a migrant who found himself in the deadly stretch of desert known as “the corridor of death” and shows how one life becomes testimony to the tragic results of the U.S. war on immigration. As the real-life drama unfolds we see this John Doe, denied an identity at his point of death, become a living and breathing human being with an important life story.  Featuring Gael Garcia Bernal who also produced it… Winner of Sundance 2013

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1438539299743860

August 1, Friday, 7pm at SLO Public Library Community Room, Palm & Osos, SLO

Grace Lee Boggs is a 98-year-old Chinese American woman in Detroit whose vision of revolution will surprise you. A writer, activist, and philosopher rooted for more than 70 years in the African American movement, she has devoted her life to an evolving revolution that encompasses the contradictions of America’s past and its potentially radical future. Boggs emerges with an approach that is radical in its simplicity and clarity: revolution is not an act of aggression or merely a protest. Revolution, Boggs says, is about something deeper within the human experience — the ability to transform oneself to transform the world.

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