HopeDance interviews Angela Long about her experience of the
10 day Purium Cleanse (June 2014)

1. What made you initially decide that it was time for you to do this cleanse? too much lethargy? too much weight gain? needing to shift something in your life and then the ten day came along? a friend who had shifted and you wanted a similar change?

Anglea Long

I decided to commit 10 days of my life with the hope that I would be able to maintain a new way of life for a lifetime. I was diagnosed years ago with mixed bipolar disorder and have struggled most of my life with addiction, mania and severe depression. The cocktail of medications I have been prescribed and all of their side effects cause a roller coaster of emotions and physical ailments and at times break my spirit. I quit smoking cigarettes in Feb. of 2011 and then due to a diagnosis of alcoholism and a series of events that supported that diagnosis I quit drinking in Dec. of 2012. I realized shortly after that my addictive personality quickly substituted the vices I quit for food, specifically carbs and sugar. I was also struggling with fatigue, lethargy, and weight gain and desperately needed a major shift in my life. Cutting out nicotine and alcohol are extremely healthy choices for anyone in general but especially for me with my dual diagnosis, but I still wasn’t living a healthy enough lifestyle to manage my condition and remain stable medication free. I rarely exercised and had very poor sleeping and eating patterns. A friend I followed on Facebook started posting about her Purium 10 day transformation and was inspired and excited for the first time in a long while. Finally, I thought; something that seemed beyond the surface level and beyond just weight loss, a lifestyle change with actual support and guidance (the business opportunity side of things was just an added bonus)! I was beyond intrigued and curious; I was ready to take the leap! Purium was my chance at making some very positive and lifelong changes, so I trusted my friend and I took the leap.

2. Any challenges along the way that you can describe briefly?

My main challenges were the extra work my body went through since I had to take my prescription medications while cleansing, some severe migraines due to no longer drinking caffeine and also realizing how much of the time I would eat when I wasn’t physically hungry. I would have to stop and ask myself am I mentally hungry, or emotionally hungry first, before I would eat an extra flex food and have continued this exercise off the cleanse. I also realized how bad my food addiction was when the last few evenings of my cleanse I scrolled through many of pictures of delicious food on Pinterest fixating and fantasizing about what I would eat once I finished my 10 days of cleansing.  

3. Did you want to give up at any time and what support did you have? relatives? the secret facebook page of others who are on the cleanse?

On day two and three I was in so much pain from migraines that I actually threw up. I was concerned that physically I would not be able to continue. The support of my friend who introduced me to Purium, the private Facebook group support page, and Purium providing daily motivational texts, cleanse support conference calls and correspondence with Dr. Mike Wohlfeld (staff naturopathic) answered all of my questions, and helped me feel like I wasn’t alone, which enabled me to push past these rough moments. By day 4 I was pain and nausea free and started to feel some energy unlike anything I had experienced before.

4. what was the major learning that occurred for you? weight loss, relationship to food, increased energy, nothing? can you describe this...

The major learning that occurred for me was the ability to listen to my body and how to treat my body with love, care and kindness naturally. The difference my body felt off of refined sugars, processed foods etc. was drastic. I am now taking the time to educate myself on what I eat and because of this my weight loss has been maintained and I am sleeping better, exercising more and have natural energy.


5. After the cleanse did you change your diet at all? can you describe briefly? Are you still following these changes? are you getting support? how long has it been since you stopped the cleanse? how many cleanses have you experienced?

Even though I was fantasizing about all sorts of bad food while viewing Pinterest pictures the last few nights of my first cleanse when I woke up on Day 11 all I craved was my Purium green power shake, so I drank that and ate some freshly sliced oranges from my orange tree in my backyard. This 10 day transformation changed the way my body physically craved food regardless of what I mentally craved. For maintenance I cleaned out my pantry and fridge of all processed non-organic food and when I go to the grocery store I do my best to stay out of the middle aisles completely.  I have completed two 10 day transformation cleanses, my first cleanse starting April 2, 2014 and my second cleanse starting May 14, 2014. My starting weight in April was 160 lbs. and ending weight in May was 142.5 lbs. I have gained 5 lbs. of that weight back but mostly in muscle and I am currently at a healthy and normal BMI for my height of 5’10’’. I also am so very blessed and grateful to state that with the permission of my Doctor after my second cleanse I have been able to get off of 2 of the 4 medications I was taking. Only two more to go and I will be 100% synthetic medication free! Moving forward I plan on completing three or four 10 day transformation cleanses a year (every 3 to 4 months).

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Major Changes in my diet since my first cleanse:

1.     I buy only certified organic (fruits, veggies, dairy, meat, eggs, tea, herbs/spices, chocolate, etc.)

2.     I buy non GMO if available

3.     I no longer drink caffeine (the natural energy I have now is amazing… and if I have a night where I don’t get enough sleep I just take some Purium Bee Energetic the next morning)

4.     I no longer drink milk and have minimized my cheese and yogurt intake

5.     I buy only organic, cage free eggs

6.     I only buy100% grass fed, antibiotic & growth hormone free, fed organic and non-GMO diet meat (which makes it hard and expensive to find so I don’t eat much of it anymore) –Love my Purium Master Amino Protein

7.     I no longer eat fast food (I didn’t eat it very often prior to the cleanse but now I have sworn off it completely)

8.     I read all ingredient labels

9.     I educate myself on where products come from

10.  I consume multiple Purium products in my life daily as part of my whole grain diet

6. From a level of 1-10 (1 being the lowest) how much of your day’s energy involved in the network part of Purium? as in promoting, explaining the value of the cleanse and Purium products?

I would rate it at a level 5 only because I have a full time salaried job where I work anywhere from 50-60+ hours per week. I rate my enthusiasm and excitement when promoting and explaining the value of the cleanse and Purium products at a level 10!

Did you get into the marketing right away or did it come to you after the effects?
Right away, while I was on the cleanse! Sharing that firsthand experience was such a natural way of promoting the product. I was and still am just so impressed with these products!

Are you currently involved in other network marketing plans and strategies? No.

Have you ever been involved in a network marketing gig before Purium? No.

How would you rate your level of “success” with Purium as a business and as a food source?

I would rate my level of success with Purium as a business at a level 5 (as explained above) and as a food source at a level 10!

Last question: What has been the most major change living with these food products? And if you feel comfortable, what other types of changes have you witnessed in yourself?

1. Watching less TV?

I rarely watched much TV to begin with.

2. Reading different types of media?

Absolutely, more health and fitness focused and more educational about where my food comes from and where it is made.

3. Has exercise started to be in your life: table tennis, volleyball, yoga, jogging, some new routine?

I joined a gym and I am exercising 5 times a week cardio and strength training. I ran 5 miles the other day which is mind-blowing. I am absolutely loving it! I signed up to run a 5K in San Diego in August in support of the Free to Breathe campaign as well.

4. do you meditate more or less now?

The same.

5. are spiritual concerns more or less important than before the Purium experience?

I feel more in touch with my spiritual needs on a deeper level but had already focused my attention in this area with my battle against alcohol addiction.

6. Relationships? Can you rate how if any of your relationships have changed before and after the cleanse(s) : separation, divorce, marriage, new friends, leaving old friends?

When I did my second cleanse my Husband did his first cleanse. This was a great bonding experience and taught us how to support one another and work together as a team in a whole new way.

7. Any new plans to do something that you never considered before: weekend yoga retreat, for example; or pursuing a nutritional certification? or serving people in a way that was not known to you before?

For right now I plan on continuing this journey of discovery, health and fitness and remain motivated and dedicated to my goal of naturally managing my mixed bi polar disorder condition without synthetic medication. I hope that at some point my personal testimony and experiences will help others dealing with addiction and mental disorders. I am inspired at the thought of being of service to others in this arena in the near future.

-Thank you

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