WarrenBrush SV
This summer’s 30-day Residential Permaculture Design Certification and Apprenticeship program with Warren Brush (the co-founder of Quail Springs Permaculture) at Casitas Valley Farm in Carpinteria, California is brewing into an incredible skills building learning adventure. We only have a couple of spots left for the course where we will be learning the following skills in addition to getting your Internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certification with world class teachers. Have a look at these skill building activities and sign up with us today for an adventure of a lifetime: 

-Creating a cob bread oven and learning to use it
-Building top-bar hives and tending bees
-Making and learning about continuous flow vermiculture systems for large production
-Community living and peacemaking
-Thermophyllic composting for home and small farm
-Learning about aquaponics systems
-Cheese-making on both small and large scale
-Butchering chickens and a goat with respect
-Managing an Eggmobile production system
-Tending, foraging and milking a goat herd
-Setting up and using a compost tea brewer for home and small farm
-Pig keeping to close waste loops and create a micro-enterprise
-Creating a mushroom culture system for home and small farm
-Planting a food forest
-Creating a permaculture garden
-Learn to prune and graft
-Create Earthworks for ecological stability and production efficiency
-Build a solar hot water heater with spare parts
-Build a simple compost toilet and how to tend it safely and efficiently
-Growing your nature awareness and pattern understanding skills
-Origins skills like friction fire-making, cordage making, etc.
-Learning to use farm equipment and tools
-Learn farm to market strategies and participate in the business
-Fermentation techniques
-Becoming an ecological designer through permaculture methodologies
-Saving the harvest including canning, drying, fermenting, etc.
-A three-day visit to the amazing Quail Springs permaculture village
-Visiting small market farms around central California
-Daily immersion in a small family permaculture farm
-Receive your 72 hour Permaculture Design Course Certification that is internationally recognized
-Small group mentoring with international permaculture educator and consultant, Warren Brush, who co-founded Quail Springs Permaculture, Wilderness Youth Project Sustainable Vocations, Casitas Valley Farm and Creamery and Regenerative Earth.
-Learn and Grow in a full farm immersion apprenticeship…

All of this and more is wrapped into the bundle of our Permaculture Design Apprenticeship at Casitas Valley Farm (www.casitasvalley.com). From July 15th to August 14th, 2014, you will have an opportunity to be in full immersion on our family farm by participating in this dynamic Permaculture Design Course that emphasis hands-on learning on a working farm. The cost is $2600 and includes food, camping and world class instruction. We have only a few spaces left for this small group learning journey. Please call us at 805-649-8179 or email [email protected]. Thank you kindly

Have a look at our program brochure at:https://www.dropbox.com/s/i63uc7005l6s7h9/CVF-PDCA_Program_updated.pdf