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Did you know I wash windows?

Have been washing windows for nearly 20 years. Started when I lived in Seattle, after my spiritual community days run by Robert Augustus Masters. I was trained by some fellow sanyasins, followers of Bagwan Rashneesh. Then decided to come back to San Luis Obispo when the other US members of the community came to San Luis Obispo which is smack in the middle between SF and LA… So I was trained by a long lineage of former sanyasins who earned a living by washing windows so they could continue their other spiritual work of service. My work took a turn to publishing a local rag called HopeDance (after I had a 10 year run publishing a rather controversial global publicatiopn called CRITIQUE: EXPOSING CONSENSUS REALITY)… and screening films. Washing windows saved my financial ass which allowed me to keep working on HopeDance…

So, if you are interested, please let me know. I have all the equipment necessary. Im preferring single story homes (or offices). Have a step ladder and my super duper biodegradable solution called Gleam 3. If you have a two story home and youhave ladders, lets discuss it!

Give me a call at 762 4848. And one thing that I can say previous clients loved about my work is that I can engage in some cool conversations while washing windows, if that interests you. Or to be totally left alone to do a miraculous job!

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