By Bob Banner

I was invited to a gathering of folks at “Faces” in SLO who were going to have samples of various green drinks as well as some people to speak about Purium and the infamous 10-day Cleanse.


After being greeted by some healthy looking people and getting immediate attention to  a sampling of a cacao green drink, I was almost hooked. As we (there must have been about 20 people, mostly women) all gathered in the main room, we got to hear some testimonials and a brief introduction to the money-making element (which I wasn’t that interested in). But after seeing an animated four-minute video that explained our devastating food system (with its incessant GMO push and industrial food model in this country, I was right on board).  After being a publisher of positive news I was well aware of our challenging food system in the US and what is quintessential in getting us back on track (organic, local gardens, farmers markets, good stores, learning, creating local ordinances, etc.) … but I never heard of such a company that was doing something about it from the ground up and to include a cleanse right off the bat!

I asked a few questions about the cleanse and as they eagerly answered them my psyche was resonating with a “yes, it’s time to do a cleanse!”

I was already contemplating on doing one when suddenly all the right connections seemed to fall from the sky right into my lap. So who am I to refuse such remarkable synchronicities?

So, I signed up, received the products shortly thereafter and decided to take it easy with carbs, meat, sugar and dairy for two days before actually starting the ten-day cleanse.

Read MoreWas I out of my mind? I had done fasts before but that was decades ago. Yes I was doing fine eating wise, but some  evenings I found myself snacking even though they were considered more than healthy snacks it was still snacking and then of course the drinks with ice cream and then the cookies and then the delicious pasta’s and then the wonderful salad dressings and the wonderful gooey cheesy meals, etc. You get the picture. A combination of eating well and not eating so well. And so this seemed to be a good time to go deeper into the next level of my relationship with food.

So be that as it may, for some reason I had the tenacity to go for it, and received much support . And what is very cool is that the local organizers around Purium set up a secret facebook page whereby all the newbies could chat about how it was going for us, which was very helpful! I was also very interested to investigate my eating habits and see what would occur, another good reason to start a  cleanse. Some people want to lose weight, but that wasn’t my main concern. I am into consciousness and wanted to see what would happen.

On the second day I felt a bit woozy and a minor headache and that was basically that. I was hoping to get the expected high on the almighty seventh day but it never happened for me. On the eighth day a thought occurred to me about doing a back-to-back 10 days but on the 11th day, I decided not to.

Some folks commented on a change they saw in me after it was over and yes I did lose some pounds where I could “afford”  but the most important changes that were not listed in the literature were quite important to me.

I had realizations that this so-called “hunger” for snacks and some chocolate (but it was fair-traded, dark and organic! my inner sustainability activist would shout out) had dissipated. It simply wasn’t there. I was getting more than enough nutrients in the green shakes and liquids and the fiber and the cherry drinks plus amino acid tablets twice a day. Besides the so-called hunger which really wasn’t hunger at all, I had a new and profound connection to food, or reverence, if you will, as to what I was putting into my body.

A thought that spontaneously emerged around day five or six was that I would never put water in my car for fuel so why (or where did I get the notion) did I think it was okay to eat, put into my body, stuff that wasn’t truly healthy? It’s not like I was eating from the fast food places all the time but I would “sneak” into the In and Out Burger and would consume a burger-less burger, with fries and a chocolate shake which I would swoon over as the straw stayed in my mouth for 20 minutes or so as I drove home from a long distance trip.  But that was then. The 10 day gave me a release from all those types of non-food foods. The 10 day was not just about cleansing the body but it gave me the important time to establish a new habit!

Even when I smelled food from a restaurant during the 10 days I could feel that odd need emerge but when I went deeper into the “feeling” there was really no “hunger” there – it was as if those crappy foods create a false sense of hunger based on additives to addict people, me. And yes I had to admit I was in recovery and I’m happy to say that I have not had a sugar  lapse like before, except for the occasional spoonfuls of chocolate ice cream made with coconut milk that they sell at Trader Joe’s. And in three weeks after the 10 day that was my only “relapse.” The weight is still off. No In & Out Burgers, no fries, no chocolate bars, no ice cream, no wine or beer or coffee (but I wasn’t doing that much of those before the cleanse. But  what I want to say is that I learned a reverence for food. During the 10 day we could eat three flex foods a day. I realized I really didn’t need them but initially it was precious to eat an apple in the morning and then eat a half avocado during the day and then “for dinner” I had one ounce of cooked spaghetti squash. And when I ate those “dishes” I found myself bowing down to them, blessing the food before I ate, and thank the food after I was finished. I appreciated those simple foods (we also could eat pineapple, watermelon, kale and a few other selected food items listed as “flex foods.”) To me, regaining that lost reverence was so important.

And on the 11th day I did not “pig out.” I experimented with meals without sugar, carbs, grain or dairy. I’ve had to experiment and it’s been fun: juicing carrots, making energy bars with almonds, spiralina, cashews, sunflower seeds, cacao, dried apricots and sometimes add an avocado or banana. Yummy! If I make a smoothie I add a bit of Purium power shake and in the evening I still take the cherry anti-aging juice. My new reverence for the food I put into my body is still very much alive. It became more of a form of meditation than piggish entitlement!

Overall, I’m finding I’m even happier than before and I am thankful because I broke a habit and there is some pride in transforming a not-so-useful habit into a new one that is in alignment with my higher self…
Thanks for listening.

Bob Banner is the online publisher of and screens transformational documentaries in SLO county. He can be reached at [email protected] or at a 805.762.4848.

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