New Book PEACE ANONYMOUS: The 12 Steps To Peace Resolving America’s Addiction To War Written by Johnny F


Can the 12 Steps, which have helped millions of people in over 150 countries around the world deal with life threatening addictions, be used to bring peace to our troubled world? Johnny F, author of: “Peace Anonymous: The 12 Steps To Peace” – believes they can. In fact, he believes, the Steps may be the only thing that can. Many in the field of addiction define insanity as doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Addiction has also been described as a spiritual malady which requires a spiritual solution. If addiction is insane, and a spiritual malady, how would you describe war? What is wrong in the soul of men which creates the need to repeatedly go to war, knowing the perilous impact our actions have on ourselves, and others? While history may repeat itself, alcoholics and addicts have proven that by implementing a few simple Steps into their daily lives this cycle can be broken: We can change. We do have a choice.

Paraphrasing celebrated spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle, Johnny F suggests, “The motivators for war are fear, greed, and the desire for power, all of which are rooted in the ego. This primary dysfunction, the ego, has an insatiable need for more and resembles a bottomless hole that can never be filled up.” “Tolle’s intent,” Johnny F suggests, “wasn’t to describe the disease of addiction, but driven by the insanity of the ego, the ‘need’ to fill that bottomless hole exists as a reality in the lives of practically every alcoholic and addict on the planet.”

Johnny F has spent years in places such as Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Kuwait, and Colombia. In his book “Peace Anonymous: The 12 Steps To Peace” – Johnny F, happily sober since 1993, uses his story of recovery from alcoholism as an example of the kind of change the Steps offer. He then adapts the steps as he examines America’s foreign policy suggesting that American corporations are utilizing the CIA and the American military, and killing for profit, in an effort to fill the “bottomless hole” by starting wars to sell weapons and control the world’s supply of oil and drugs.

“In order for me to change my life it was imperative that I see the truth about myself and in order for the world to change America must see the truth about itself”. I find it amazing that children in Cambodia and Colombia have a better understanding of American foreign policy than many American adults do. Like an alcoholic living in denial they can’t see that their political and corporate leaders have no interest in peace. There is no profit in it. If the people of the world want peace – and we believe they do – then it is up to us, and for that we need a recipe which transcends the typical barriers of religion and race. We need to find a way to make better choices and that is exactly what the 12 Steps can do.

Well-intentioned people, such as Bono and John Lennon, have for years implored us to stop killing each other in much the same manner that family members have begged alcoholics to stop drinking. Perhaps we are addicted to war and violence and, like alcoholics, we need more than to simply stop; we need to find a new design for living. The 12 Steps have been instrumental in changing the lives of over 3 million alcoholics in over 77 countries, regardless of religious faith. Those who once knew only chaos, pain, and suffering have discovered peace as a result of these steps. Consider the steps as a recipe for peace. Should they fail to produce the desired results, we will refund your misery and you may return to killing at your leisure.

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