by bob banner

Ive been involved with media for a long time.. ever since I started my first newspaper called ROCHESTER’s PEOPLEs PAPER in Rochester Michigan, a town where I attended Oakland University in 1970. I wanted to share the information of the up and coming new world, or so I thought the new world was going to look like. So at an early age I had this bug to share, to communicate, to show films (actually a year later I showed my very first 35mm film at a media center at O.U. around 1971, something about radical politics).

For some reason I never trusted consensus reality so I started a journal “exposing” consensus reality as a way for me to learn more about what else is out there besides an old worn out sense of politics, a spirituality that was out of touch with real needs and aspirations of real people, a medical model that seemed to simply desire to control. One may even see some issues that I published back in 1980 to 1989, called CRITIQUE: EXPOSING CONSENSUS REALITY. Looks like many issues are gone except for the one on Sexuality (HERE). It started off as a journal but then grew into a magazine format that was distributed around the world… yet I never let my tennis friends know what I was doing. I was too shy to reveal this mysterious strange side of myself.

So there was this urge to share yet this timidity that sabotaged it. So the struggle seems to be prevalent. But thats not telling the story. Yet it is because if I became that person then perhaps I wouldnt need to be a publisher or a film screener. I could simply talk to people.. But that was never enough “just to talk to people.” I wanted to share with people I would never normally come in contact with… even though I really enjoyed talking to people who had a mild or enthusiastic response to certain far out ideas.

With films these days they do a much better job in the time one watches them than perhaps spending hundreds of hours pouring over the written (or audio) material around that particular topic.

I feel the need to be on top of (as much as humanly possible) to those interests that pull at me, that have immediate questions and a desire to answer those questions, much like most people but I wanted to make a living out of my spiritual pursuits.

Why are we here, what is our purpose, who is controlling us, why do we become exact replicants of others in our same culture? Why do we automatically learn the same language where we live… Why doesnt someone pop up being totally different in ones culture? Well thats the rub isnt it? Some people do feel out of place, not in the groove, or wildly different than those around them… But sooner or later one needs to come out of the closet, as it were.. and it takes lots of courage to do so.. I cant comprehend how some poeple cnanot tolerate gays or lesbians for example. Dont they realize the iuncredible amount of courage for them to buck the system and to simply appreciate who they are!?

So I wanted to understand global politics as to why there was so much suffering globally. I wanted to understand who else was living in this vast universe? Where were other worlds and consciousnesses that were different than ours (humans), that I could possibly resonate with. Yes there was Alduous Huxley and Colin Wilson and others I glummed onto for some support in this expanding consciousness arena and yet somehow they werent enough… I wanted to know about what they werent allowing us to consume, like sacred plants (ayahausca, et al), whyn were they (the AMA) not allowing alternative modalities that were reported as curing cancer like laetrile and the hoxzsey treatment and numerous others. Why were they continually digging and clawing into the earth for non reusable resources at a steady pace with no slowing down whatsoever. What was really going on? Was it all a conspiracy? Was it all hidden in plain sight? Did we have a DNA strand simply and always did what we were told and the so called administrators of Reality only do their angelic jobs?

Here is something I wrote back in September and posted it to the HopeDance FiLMs facebook page (

<<I screen these films because they are seeds of and for change; they reveal messages of possibility, they inspire, move people to tears and to action… and the newer ones are transformative in the sense they are more like movies with drama, with a moving sound track, with pauses that allow the viewer to really get engaged with the participants, the change agents, the activists and the issues.

Gone will be the days of the simple documentary format with stiff problems with stiff solutions and with talking heads as their main source of information. We are learning to tell our stories differently, very much like we are learning new ways to live.. and be and feel what it is to be human on a planet in an awesome universe!>>

more later…