just recently a pod of 250 dolphins was herded into the cove at Taiji…you may have heard the story. among those in the pod was an albino baby bottlenose and her mother. the story , within the story is tragic. ’Angel’ is now in a dolphinarium in Taiji, Japan and her mother, along with her companions, was tortured and killed.

below is my response to this cruel situation. the hunt , imprisonment and killing of dolphins continues daily with the Japanese government refusing to intervene claiming that the hunt  is a tradition.
this poem is written from the viewpoint of Angels mother. take it to heart and then contact the Japanese Embassy to voice your outrage.
for the Oceans     mandy davis

 albino abattoir

An Angel’s Abattoir


in the remnants of fear

     and agony

swirling, eddying tears

mixed with crimson

surround me

my pod a memory

a thrashing, will-to-live

                                    TORN   AND   TORTURED!

Moments left

i remember her

      my heart’s song

magic in her touch

                Ocean’s ‘Angel’

white, undulating, joyous

a dream of beauty

my world

                                    RIPPED   FROM   ME!

Death matters not

take me now

       my spirit broken

there is no more

drive the cruel spike

as i scream

into the empty


                                  WHY   HAVE   YOU   DONE   THIS?