by Virginia Marum

My husband and I have had a dual interest in wellness since long before we met 9 years ago.  I had been working at a fitness facility, getting my biomechanics certifications in Los Angeles, and he had been working, ironically, at the facility that developed the biomechanics certification in Dallas.  While due to some amazing moments of fate that we met, the key bonding factor of our relationship, which remains today, is our obsession and fascination with food.   On our anniversaries we remember fondly that our first meeting was salivating over a Thai Fried Basil Marinated Beef Steak with Pepper Sauce.


I tell you our background to develop the other consistent theme in our lives, outside of our obsession with the love of food, is our dealings with clients or patrons who have an obsession with food, but in the negative light – the one that brings large levels of guilt, thus, a lack of enjoyment.

We observe people take “cheat days” to eat what they really want, keep count of every item they’ve ever tasted in a “calorie journal,” workout an extra 2 hrs when they’ve “indulged” the night before, and  or do an intense detox diet to rid them of their holiday fare.  As a lover of food, there is nothing more disheartening to be around than someone who is deprived of one of their basics needs in life, nourishment.  And I am all too familiar with this person, as I had my own struggle with eating disorders and dysmorphia for many years, and my relationship with food was one of deprivation and hate.  I have a new motto, and I am often heard saying it:  Food Should Bring Joy and Nourishment Not Guilt and Pain, and thus the vision and concept behind Vert Foods.

Food is our life force, without food we cannot live.  Yet this greatest source of energy and life has become toxic with chemicals, preservatives and processing; additionally, food has become just quite boring to eat.   Strongly correlating to all of this dissatisfaction and toxicity is the epidemic disconnect of people and food . . . where they eat foods that are empty, with little to no nutrients, or foods that are toxic, they have lost their instinct to know what they are eating is harming them.  The end results are people getting sick and feeling dissatisfied, looking for more, so they overeat or indulge.

There is a memorable quote in Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat, Pray, Love:  “I have no interest in being obese. I’m just through with the guilt.”  And through my years of researching and enjoying foods, I’ve come to learn when you heal your relationship with food, when you begin to eat foods that nourish you, satisfy you, thus bringing you joy, you no longer have the guilt and your body functions at its best – there is no place for calorie counting or carbohydrates watching if your metabolism is functioning at a high level, and then you have the energy to move well.  Vert Foods is about helping each person recapture their love of food while eating nutrient dense meals that begins to heal their relationship with food.

I look forward to exploring and sharing this journey towards nourishment.
Virginia Marum