by James Smallwood
Part 1 / Rev. 8/4/10

Awakening is not a process of becoming One with the Source. Awakening is Seeing, having a Vision; experiencing and realizing Oneness already exists. It existed from the very beginning. Awakening is realizing what you are. Awakening is being conscious of the reality that you are this Luminous Presence which is totally Awake, and that all of Reality is also this Luminous Presence which is totally Awake. Awakening is the moment when our conscious mind meets our Luminous Presence, when we connect with what we are and the Reality of All that IS.


We come into this world and become form; body and mind, including ideas, thoughts, beliefs, fear, and guilt. Foundations from the identification with form. But before we come into the world, we are formless, spirit, Light, an Awakened Presence; a Presence which is Luminous and totally Awake.

Taking up residence in the body and mind, we now have “two experiences”, but only one identity; that of the body and mind. In the first experience, the experience of the body-mind, there is identification with form, limitation, fear, guilt, doing, and controlling. This experience is actually the result of ideas, concepts, and beliefs that we have invented, invented because we lost identification with Spirit; we “forgot” what we are.

In the second experience, the experience of Spirit, there is no experiencer, only a Presence in the moment experiencing the world through the lens of the form of the body and mind; here to experience the world. This Awake Presence is here in the world of thought and form to experience the entire experience consciously. It’s “purpose” if you will, is to have created form through which it gets to experience the world and itself consciously.

So there is nothing “to do” in order to wake up, nothing to do in order to experience our Awake Presence; it is already experiencing. Awakening can be spontaneous. It can come in what seems like a dream, a near death experience, a moment of insight, or a moment of being; a moment which is not the experience of the mind-body experience. It is not a moment which is the absence of the mind-body experience. Awakening is the moment of experiencing the Awake Presence. It is the experience of the Luminous Presence in which there is a new conscious understanding which is “Oh, this is WHAT I am”.

The Awake experience knows we are this Luminous Presence which is AWAKE. Anything else we do or think is simply a case of “mistaken identity”. And our body and mind can tell us when we’ve “fallen” back into mistaken identity; we try to solve problems, we try to make our life better, easier, less painful, more comfortable. When we come to abide more and more in the awareness of this Luminous Presence which is AWAKE we simply live from this Awareness, we simply allow it to BE, we simply learn to keep our Conscious mind on IT, not on our beliefs, or ideas, or thoughts, but on IT; we keep our mind on this Luminous Presence which is totally AWAKE.

This is why meditation is so important; it is important to calm the mind. At a certain stage we don’t need to repair our false beliefs. We don’t need to fix our past, or resolve our personal story, or edit our story, or forgive our parents, or brother, or ex wife or husband or anyone else. We simply need to calm our mind to the extent that the chatter stops and the veil lifts, and in that moment, we then experience, we “see”, we Awaken to our true nature, Awaken to WHAT we are; we see what we are as this Luminous Presence which is totally Awake.


Awakening    Part 2
“The Three Thresholds”

In Part One we examined and discussed the “two Experiences”, or also known as the “Two Thresholds”; the presumed experience of the body-mind, and the second experience of the No-Self, or the Luminous Presence which is totally Awake; now on to the third experience, or Third Threshold.

As our attachment to our invented and false identity falls away, the Light of what we are fully emerges; like the sun revealed when the clouds fall away. Remember, the sun does not “come out”, it is already there; the clouds pass away, revealing the ever-present sun. The Luminous Presence is truly what we are, waiting for us to give up our incessant attachment to the illusion that we are our body, our story, our history and our unnecessary attachments, so that it can be revealed to us in all it’s extraordinary, simple, non-existent Awake state; we ARE this Luminous Presence which is totally AWAKE!

It seems then that the real life challenge is to “let the clouds pass away”. The real life challenge is a gesture of surrender, and to allow the life and identity that we know and have “been working on” to pass away, to let it go; to let it simply “pass away” like a cloud. I can imagine this is what is typically referred to a “the second death”. To let the life we have known and lived to simply let it die, to allow it “to pass away”; step into the unknown. We don’t give up attachment to that life in the real sense, because the life we have been attached to was not real in the first place and it was not who we were. It was simply a dream, it was like a cloud that we created from the beginning, before we knew we created a cloud, before we knew we had created a “mistaken identity”; before we created our own dream.

So the Third experience or the Third Threshold is to allow this cloud of Illusion to pass away. The Third experience is to allow the experience of our invented identity to pass away, to allow the cloud of Illusion that we alone created to pass away. Not because we are “determined” to “give up our attachment”, but because we long to see the sun in all its magnificent brilliance. We are no longer willing to hold our hands against our eyes pretending we do not want to see the Light. We come to a place, where, like holding the clouds in front of the sun we are no longer willing to hold our false identity in front of our own Light. We come to a place where all we want to see and experience is our own Light in all of its magnificent fullness and Presence.

So we finally cross the final Threshold into the “point of no return”. We come into full relationship with the Light we have been “seeking”, we come into relationship and awareness with what we are; this Luminous Presence which is totally Awake and has been there since the beginning. The Light which we “have been looking for” has always been “right where we’re standing”. We have always been this Light, always Awake and Present, never “hidden” in truth, only hidden by our “mistaken identity”. When we allow the clouds to pass away, we not only “see the Light”, we see the Truth, we see that “we are the Light”, always Awake, always Present, never born, never dying; always Awake and Present, forever and ever……….

James Smallwood
[email protected]