How about a trade? A Laughter Session in trade for your Gift…
This morning after a wildly entertaining and evocative and totally jubilant laughter party session at the CC Birth 2012 event in Pismo yesterday, I had an idea.
Ive given free laughter yoga sessions in 2 counties for three years. Ive trained around 40 people to become laughter yoga leaders in both SLO and SBarbara. Ive done private sessions. Ive done parties up to 45 people… and have worked with staff… and people have had a blast! (of serotonin and dopamine, of course!!)
This thought reminded me of what Henry Miller did when he moved to Paris in search for food… He would walk into cafes and request a dinner for an evening of conversation from a brilliant ex-patriate writer. He had about 3-5 meals a week that way…
But Im not begging; I don’t need to beg. I thought: “heh why not offer a laughter session with some employees or staff at a restaurant, business, company, or local non profit?” It would create a more friendly atmosphere, more cooperative people, less stressful, and more profitable… You would get to laugh heartily with staff, with employees or with the sacred crew of a few people… or whatever you want and all I want is what you are willing to give me: meals, gift cards, left overs, a gift certificate, training, enlightenment series, a healing of some kind that I probably need… or whatever we can agree upon! No money needs to be exchanged. Its all part of the new economy being birthed right in front of our eyes. Call it the gifting economy if you wish… My gift in exchange for yours. Simple.

Let me know. If it doesn’t fit then send this to someone you intuited right away. Trust those intuitions, like Im trusting mine… Who knows what can happen?!… Its a new era, a new year and a new calendar and a new energy bursting through the universe to lighten our load through these transitory times. And laughter has always been the best medicine. (Or if you are a member of Time Bank SLO, then we can share hours.)

For testimonials, please see HERE .

For articles in the press as well as some I’ve penned (to become a book soon called “Laughter as Transformation”) is HERE
Thanks…  and sending love your way as well as enthusiasm, deep excitement and profound gratitude for this life on this planet!
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