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<<HopeDance was a print publication for 13 years, focussing on sustainability and positive solutions for changing the world. HopeDance 2.0 includes much of the original impulse but it embraces the personal changes, the healing, the inner transitions and transformations. It reaches deeper into the crisis at hand. It is about changing the world but its also about changing us, you and me. And it includes such out of the box areas as consciousness, alien technology, channeling, sacred medicines, “new energy” and more areas that will stretch us, to make us resilient, more flexible, less judgmental, more loving. As Einstein said brilliantly, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” But he never said where or how to seek that change of consciousness. So, HopeDance 2.0 will be about that consciousness change… becoming Resilient Leaders as well as transformational agents where Service, Fun, Collaboration and Happiness are more important than profits based on extracting natural resources for products that typically end up in land-fills.

A growing number of people prefer to live a life of abundance, where joy, sustainability, resilience, happiness and compassion are the guiding roles rather than the same ole same ole. We prefer to use the adage “Be The Change you want to see in the world”… and will focus on individuals, groups and businesses that reflect this new thinking, this new knowing. This ad in New Times is a beginning. The links to certain events and businesses are small steps. Like the first version of HopeDance where we gathered and supported pioneers in such obscure areas as permaculture, natural building, grey water and composting toilets… now we will be supporting a new branch of pioneers and nurturing them to come forward and lead a new way…>>

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