2012 –  2021, The Dawn of the Sixth Sun – The Path of  Quetzalcoatl
by Sergio Magaña Ocelocoyotl

“There can no longer be the shadow of a doubt: we have entered a period of rapid and deep-seated worldwide transformation. It is entirely remarkable that the timing of this epochal process has been foretold by the pre-Colombian people of Mesoamerica. And it is even more remarkable that they have foreseen the release of the wisdom we need to master this transformation precisely now, when it is actually taking place. And most remarkable of all, this wisdom includes concrete practical instructions on how to master our body and our mind to cope with the challenge that awaits us.  

Because in the final count it is us, each one of us, who needs to become the change we must accomplish in our world—not by becoming a mastermind who manipulates the external world but one who masters the inner world of his or her own consciousness. Sergio Magana, the inheritor of this wisdom and now its spokesman, shares this unique, and uniquely precious knowledge with us. We can be grateful that he can do so today, and that he lives up to his historical mission. His writing deserves to become a pillar of the new-paradigm wisdom we need as we enter the critical years that mark the “dawn of the Sixth Sun” from the present year 2012 to the new horizon, the year 2021.”

~ Ervin Laszlo, Nobel Prize Nominee, author and founder/president of the Club of Budapest