American Meat (2011)
Directed by Graham Meriwether

Last night [Dec 8, 2011], in Saxapahaw, North Carolina, I had the pleasure of attending a ‘film and feast’ viewing of the documentary “American Meat”, a film that addresses the many concerns of conscientious meat eaters as well as those Americans who understandably question the ethics or environmental impact of the choice to eat meat. The purpose of this documentary is to highlight the struggles of the conventional meat farmer, and to provide insight into the alternative models being developed in order to revolutionize the meat industry in our country.

Pass the horseradish, will ya?

Though the title may give one the impression that they’re heading into a serious horror flick (or perhaps a tacky porno), this wonderful documentary was incredibly balanced and informative while still being touching and inspiring. This is not a film that uses hidden camera footage and disturbing imagery to portray the industrial animal farmer as an evil, soulless animal abuser who profits from the exploitation of innocent creatures. Rather, the film documents several real-life farmers who are working extremely hard, against the odds, to provide meat to the American public in a way that keeps their heads above water, from a financial standpoint. These men are certainly not in the business to make money; they have been farmers their whole lives, and love the work that they do. More importantly, these men love their animals.

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