By Dr. Frank Stainetti,

After my extraordinary experience with the shaman, I realized that every stressful moment in my life, every mood swing, had an undercurrent of emotional wounding from my childhood. I could feel the energy of it, heavy and thick on the surface of my awareness. It felt awful, like layers of burdens, one on top of the other. How would I be able to be rid of these memories and experiences? At the same time, I could feel I had been suppressing a mountain of sadness, anger, rage and even terror. It must be possible to free myself, but how? I remembered someone saying, “The kingdom of heaven is within.” I just wanted to be free of these burdens. If heaven is where freedom is, then that’s where I was going. With all my might, I set a powerful intention in motion to focus on this contracted energy within me. I didn’t know where it would lead me; I just wanted to be free and at peace. I had begun the journey within,” with no idea of the extraordinary experience that awaited me, an experience that would reveal the divine purpose of my life. It was a discovery of soul wisdom in the language of light that revealed a teaching for all humanity, a discovery that could only be experienced and lived before it could be communicated.
A Healing Opportunity
Dr Frank Stainetti
A friend suggested a healing intensive, five-day event offered by the Energy Mastery School in Sedona, Arizona. As soon as I heard the name of the school, my feeling body felt excited, electric; the hair on my arm was standing on end. When I arrived, I discovered most of the 80 to 100 in attendance were budding healers with a common intent: to heal and transmute the burdens within them and to learn how to access soul level energies, thereby opening natural healing abilities. Natural energy healing abilities are innate within all humanity, but they require that you be interactive with higher self and soul-level awareness.

This gathering of woo-woo’s, as we used to call them, did not scare me. Besides, many of them had an unusual glow and softness about them, as if they had discovered something–something I wanted to know more about. Besides, I was just finishing a doctoral degree in Neuro-musculoskeletal disorders (the technical term for chiropractic disorders). While I was working as an intern, patients would often begin to tear up with emotional release. I had wondered why and how this came about. They were always so thankful, stating that they felt so much better. I did not understand the energy exchange between us that made this possible. Emotional relief was always associated with their physical symptoms.

There Has to be More
Maybe this was all connected with the prayer I made as an intern. The first time I received a patient as an intern, I had a sense that there was more going on than their physical complaint. This inner knowing always shocked and surprised me, overwhelming me because I did not know what to do about it. I was so fortified and overwhelmed in my first doctor-patient meeting that I excused myself for a moment from the treatment room. A deep sense of caring and responsibility came over me, as if it were time to summon all healing wisdom within me. Yet even with all my learned skills, I felt clueless. For the first time in my life, I prayed for help: “God please, whoever is sent before me sincerely asking for help, please let me have what they need. Thank you, God.” A little desperate and nervous, I returned to the patient–scared, but hopeful and that it would turn out all right. I had no idea that my prayer would actually work, let alone that an amazing divine gift would be decreed and bestowed upon me.

Discovering the Four Bodies
The Energy Mastery School intensive was a five day event lasting from 8 am to 4 pm. The school was led by a medical doctor and six other clairvoyant healers on staff. Each healer, including the medical doctor, had unique clairvoyant gifts giving them the ability to see into the body, into the higher dimensions. There were usually a hundred in attendance, all participating in guided energy exercises and demonstrations. By direct experience you were shown how to see, feel, sense and intuit the energy of emotional wounds and heart-ful healing energy within yourself and others. Each chakra of light had its own energy signature which could be felt and seen. Participants were also guided into each chakra and the unique templates of energy that make up the physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body.

The golden light of the soul is the origin of the chakras, vibrating golden light from the level of the fifth through the thirteenth dimensions. We are literally seven overlapping spheres of energy emanating from our souls. Each sphere of light is vibrating at a different rate than the other, yet they are all interactive with each other. There are four bodies of existence. We are most familiar with the physical body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual body. Unfortunately, humanity only lives in the physical and mental body, occasionally entering the emotional body and almost never accessing the spiritual body. Human beings, for the most part, feel separate and even cut off from their source of inner truth, in a constant state of longing to be whole and free, when all along everything they long for is within them, the last place they thought to look. Learning and experiencing the energy within each of the four bodies allows the language of light to open the flow of universal energy that is all around us. It is from this holy alignment or whole state of being, that you begin to open the multiple doors to the soul merge that is called Heaven on Earth. With the intentional forethought to be within, sincerely and heartfully, the truth of your burdens and wounds automatically begins to rise to the surface of your awareness. This interactive way of being ignites the soul’s energy that is already within you, accelerating the journey of self discovery beyond current beliefs.
All healing that occurred at the School of Energy Mastery was profoundly accelerated while entering the concept “when two or more are gathered” in holy alignment, the intentional union of love and light. Core wounds then became magnified into accelerated transformations that were life-changing.

The Experience of Soul Merging
It was rumored that at each event, a few students would enter the soul merging experience. When this occurred, the staff and facilitators would begin to see the individuals’ soul light descending down from the higher dimensions into the crown chakra, reaching the divine soul spark at the center of each chakra. Like an energetic explosion, divine light radiated out in large rings of loving energy throughout the room. It is unmistakable when someone enters a holy communion: Intense love can be felt by everyone.

After three days, my ability to focus and concentrate inward became stronger and stronger. Using my will and desire to penetrate deep within, layer after layer, I wanted to get to the core, the most tender and vulnerable places hidden deep in subconscious and unconscious memory. Once I figured out that it was all in memory or the “memoric” body, somehow this took the mystery out of it. I passed through thresholds of resistance and numbness–we call it armor–that energetically protected each layer of anger, fear and rage. I could feel every nuance along the way. Entering energy waves of permission and surrender would soften my intense focus, and I would reach yet another painful vignette. I could see and feel moments of abuse I had forgotten.

It was difficult passing through abusive moments as a four or five year old boy who was experiencing so much pain, w my adult mind or personality wanted to deny it had ever happened. How and why could people hurt each other in this way? The energy of fear and terror rose up through my feeling body, while loving energy from somewhere deep within me filled the hole of terrifying memories, literally changing the energy of fear within me to love and light, layer after layer. I continued to use my breath and focus, sometimes dry heaving huge volumes of anger and rage in a cathartic way.

I was continuously getting the sense that what was transmuting out of my emotional body was from more than just my childhood, however: I had lived before. Somehow, I was accessing a new level of my being. It was the causal body of the soul, soul memory that had not yet found resolution and peace that automatically carried over into my next life. I had to keep going! A momentum, a powerful inner will, had begun to get a life of its own. I had to keep going deeper. How could so much pain be inside of just one person, I thought to myself. My eyes were red from so much weeping. The focus of my egoic mind was becoming overpowered by my divine mind and divine will. “Thy will be done,” I thought to myself. Hours of intense inner focus and desire had summoned a much bigger and more powerful part of me. Divine will grew and overcame the limits of the conditioned egoic mind. Divine mind took over, summoning soul light from the third chakra, magnifying divine will. Divine mind, or pure consciousness, is one of the three faces of God; only I didn’t know this yet. I could feel an enormous inner strength that was building within me, calling onto me, “Keep going.”

Heaven on Earth
I passed through what seemed like hell: scenes right out of Dante’s Inferno. Then onward, passing through multiple doors or dimensional thresholds, until fluttering sensation could be felt in my third chakra and then my heart. I could feel some place deep in my chest begin to open–slowly at first, then very rapidly. Light began to appear in the center of my chakras, especially in my heart and solar plexus. As the light grew brighter and brighter within me, this inner light began to connect to light above me. Massive light rays descended out of thin air upon me, connecting to the light within me–golden, yet beautifully multicolored. A multi-dimensional doorway had opened. A divine corridor of light began to pour through me, so intensely that it felt as if my physical skeletal structure were going to burst. My third dimensional body simultaneously expanded into the energy vibration of the fourth through the thirteenth dimension. Then I suddenly expanded into at-onement, entering the light of ‘all souls’–what we call heaven. Love and golden light were everywhere.

For three hours, fully awake, with eyes wide open, wave after wave of love flowed through me. I fell to my knees, sobbing. I felt deep reverence and profound humility, more love than my human capacity could ever dream was possible. It was divine, unconditional love that profoundly embraced my newly expanded state of beingness. It was a deep state of wholeness in an ever-expanded state of at-onement with all souls of our collective humanity–what the Bible calls heaven. As I marveled in wonderment, I knew I was kneeling before heaven, held in the hands of God. I wondered, could this really be happening?

As soon as I had that thought, a sudden flow of intense love came from deep within the center of my being and all around me. A voice gently said: “I am Archangel Gabriel. I am one with the center of your beingness, and I assure you, it’s real. You are being prepared to give divine testimony for the collective humanity, the divine teachings regarding the light of the soul, soul merging, and the momentum of light. You are to partially ascend from a third- to a fourth-dimensional being, demonstrating the conscious evolution of humanity into super-consciousness, for the time of human evolution is upon you. Divine knowledge as to the nature of creation is flowing forth onto you, directly from God.” Tears were gushing forth. In an instant, the feeling of peace and stillness and the gentle voice of Archangel Gabriel had stopped. The overwhelming physical sensations of increasingly high energy and universal expansion continued.

For hours, wave after wave of divine light, imbued with love and peace, poured onto me and through me from the divine corridor of light. Waves of light continued to purify my auric energy field. I felt lighter and lighter with each wave, swelling with the feeling of deep reverence for all life and humanity. As creation unfolded before me, I entered profound states of awe and humility, passing through many levels of oneness until even the state of at-onement merged with the all there is. I was taken through dimensional event horizons and the manifesting multiple politic voids, holding the pure consciousness of pure potential, the potential for infinite creating that is ongoing, with love that connected everything! I was entering the direct experience of cosmic consciousness to a state of beingness that no longer could expand, yielding my awareness into the peace beyond understanding. This state of cosmic consciousness seemed to go on forever.

Contact with Soul Memories
Suddenly I was jolted back into my body and felt overwhelming relief as burdens transmuted before my eyes. Burdens of sadness and separation, betrayal, abandonment and self-judgment continued to lift. The feeling of lightness within me increased to such a high-energy vibrational state that I felt I was turning into pure light. My life was flashing before my eyes–every event that occurred during the story of my early life. There were also memories of living before, of so many lifetimes that it seemed visually unreal. Yet I could feel these previous lifetimes, these experiences, and they were definitely mine. One soul memory in particular was resounding that I would participate in some way with the soul merging of collective humanity–the evolution of human consciousness into spiritual bodies. Human beings would achieve this by intentionally transmuting their seven core wounds, thereby naturally increasing their vibrational energy into the fourth- and fifth-dimensional awareness. The momentum of light during my soul merging experience was softening in its intensity. I felt nothing but love. As I realized this, I was still vibrating in the higher dimensions, or the light of all souls. This state of beingness is commonly referred to in the Bible as heaven. “This was the point:” Gabriel whispered, “To enter the soul’s light body while awake and still grounded in the physical body. This is the divine plan: heaven on earth.

I looked around the room to see the hundred or so in participation; each one present, yet still in their own level of upliftment. Awestruck, I realized that my spiritual inner vision had opened. Still feeling only love, I could see the golden light–the soul presence–of everyone in the room. The more I looked, the more I could see. I saw the higher selves, or light bodies, of each person. Our light bodies are the spiritual self, an intermediary between our physical bodies and our souls. I suddenly became aware of a new heightened intuitive and automatic knowing ability. I could see and feel with great detail every chakra level of each person present. More than that, I could see every place of contracted energy, or anti-light, which usually forms around a core wound. Each pocket of contracted energy in each person was simultaneously resounding with why it was there and who it was related to, just waiting for self love and self awareness, so that the emotional event could transmute back into the light of who they are, ending that creational experience. Each emotional wound had many levels to it, all connected to one of the seven core wounds in their humanity. These wounds are what drive our subconscious and unconscious behavior. The seven core wounds are common to all humanity and make up what we call the human condition.

As my spiritual vision adjusted to their physical bodies, I could see four energy bodies that overlapped each other and were all transparent to me. I could see and feel right through them. They are commonly called the emotional body, mental body, physical body and the spiritual body. Within each body I could feel the inner love overshadowed by the layers of contracted energy. I could even see and feel their thoughts emanating from their minds. This is an empathic ability at the soul level, what is called super-consciousness. I was strangely not overwhelmed by the volume of intense information. As a result of the soul merge, apparently my energy vibration had reached a place where I could receive it.

A Divine Message
I was drawn to look above the soul light of everyone in the room. As I looked up, I saw divine golden templates of light that connected everything to everyone and each other. In the space between this golden connective matrix was pure consciousness, or what we could also call that which flows through the all there is: pure potential. This energy of pure potential is highly magnetized, just waiting to manifest our thoughts, hopes, wishes and dreams.

Archangel Gabriel whispered into my ear: “You were one of the co-authors of ‘On earth as it is heaven.’ What is all around you is the living truth of the Lord ’s Prayer. One must focus within onto holy alignment and heaven will open. This is soul merging.” To say the least, there wasn’t much left of my egoic mind. Maybe I had just gone crazy. However, the presence of so much love convinced me otherwise.
Just when I thought I understood the sacred laws of the universe, I was humbled again. I realized my spiritual vision and new empathic abilities were here to stay. I thought to myself about what I would do now–to know, to see, to feel so much? Then I looked over, and there were twelve seraphim angels hovering in a circle in midair. They seemed to just hover in thin air until they got my attention, then each angel waved one arm, pointing to the center of the circle, as though they were offering an invitation. I was amazed that I could see them at all; I could feel their unique angelic presence of love.

Suddenly, this love grew stronger and stronger. Just when I began to wonder why, I knew something extraordinary was about to happen. Then, suddenly, from the center of the circle of seraphim angels, Yeshua appeared in a brilliant white-gold light. I was about 30 feet away, and in the moment I saw him and our eyes met–in that very second–he stood before me. He touched my heart, and the power within that love knocked me to the ground. He said “Do no harm. This is only the beginning.” I was so overcome by his intense love, I could not fathom the truth and profundity of his words and what lay ahead of me. Archangel Gabriel whispered in my ear, “It has begun.” What did he mean? Gabriel started again, “For the next 12 years, you will receive many streams of light. Then the time will come to fulfill your promise to God; to deliver the living truth of human energy, the momentum of light and the evolution of humanity.”
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