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Transition United States is a non-profit organization whose mission is to catalyze, inspire, encourage, network, support and train communities throughout the U.S. as they consider, adopt, adapt and implement Transition Initiatives.

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Transition Town Santa Barbara now has a new listserv ([email protected].  If you’re interested in learning more about how Santa Barbara can transition towards sustainability and local resiliency in the face of mounting economic, environmental (end of cheap oil, climate change, overshoot etc.) and social challenges, we’ll be discussing how our community can implement the ideas and steps recommended by permaculture teacher and Transition movement founder Rob Hopkins in “The Transition Handbook.” You can join by visiting our homepage and signing yourself up.  You can choose to read-only online, to get a daily digest, or to get each e-mail.

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An excellent INTERVIEW with Rob Hopkins from Urbanite.

Living A Good Life In The World When Climate’s Changing

by Paul Kashmann
A front page article in a Denver, CO paper called WASHINGTON PARK: THE PROFILE.
Summarizes the work of members of the Transition Town groups in the Denver and Boulder areas.

A Peak into the Future

by Sarah Lewis fromThe Guardian (UK)

Described as ‘a social experiment on a massive scale’, the Transition Town movement offers positive ideas for low-carbon living

See a 7 minute video on Local Currency, Sustainability and the Transition movement: Click Here for a LOCAL CURRENCY playlist of some fine videos.

Permaculture-SLO (for San Luis Obispo) ning site:

Santa Barbara Independent mentions “Transition Towns”: Local Heroes 2008 / Larry and Linda Buzzell-Saltzman / Growing a Greener Future at

Little Steps Add Up With Transition Movement — Lifestyle Changes Can Reduce Dependence On Fossil Fuels

By Molly Hughes / both story and video
STORY / Also check out the 3 minute news video report on the same story at the same url.

The Transition Movement Comes to America

<<(Peak Moment TV episode 139). One response to the global crisis that is gaining enthusiastic momentum is the Transition Towns movement. Jennifer Gray, a pioneer in the Transition Initiative in the UK and cofounder of Transition US, describes it as “a community-led response to the twin crises of peak oil and climate change. It’s … positive, pro-active [and] engages the whole community in building resilience into our world.”

Sharing highlights from The Transition Handbook by founder Rob Hopkins, she elaborates on a flexible twelve-step process to empower community organizers in unleashing the creative genius of their community and building an Energy Descent Action Plan. One innovative aspect is backcasting: envisioning one’s community in 20 years, and then designing steps to get from here to there. []

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From the report: I am so inspired and impressed. I invite you to go there ( and browse and see the phenomenal talent and passion and enthusiasm to make a better world in all vital areas of our lives. Teachers, writers, filmmakers, carpenters, water folks, green builders, communicators, presenters, artists, government folks, permaculturists, students, bicycle enthusiasts, cooks, gardeners, explorers, mediators, facilitators and many more… all part of this movement to transition from oil dependency to local resilience.


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Review of the Transition Presentation at Beth David in SLO

reported by Bob Banner

Im so glad I went and am so glad that I can participate as to how I am capable at this time.

I thought the timing and the presentation and everything everyone said was so smooth and gracious and potent.

Jim, you have come a long way from a year ago. Wow what natural charisma and a softness combined with a sense of urgency that is not too turn-offish.. Fantastic… and the showing the 2 quart bottle of oil was superb. Even though I had seen the video where Hopkins did that nearly 3 years ago, it is sooo effective; a reminder over and over again as to how cheap and dependent we are on that earthly substance.

One main graphic that blew my mind during Michael Brownlee’s presentation at Dancing Deer was the big black square and how oil related to all the various forms of “alternative” resources and to see how tiny they all were in comparison to oil. If you could get that slide/graphic it would be awesome; it is very powerful since it is very contagious to begin to believe that technology and all of our alternatives will save us so we can keep living the way we are accustomed.

Also, IF you will be sending an email out to all who attended (who want more info), Id be happy to create a note like the following:

For those who are interested in staying in touch with the energy and activities of the Transition presentation, here are some resources that will help:

The brochure can be downloaded by clicking here:

An events calendar has been established to post events that are transition-related:

To join a social networking site that is specifically related to Transition Initiatives in the state of CA, people can simply join at and join some of the LOCAL county Groups to continue networking. There are now 918 people profiled on the site… and it’s very inspiring what certain individuals and groups are doing….

To join the US Transition site simply visit:

To stay updated with founder Rob Hopkin’s blog, one can visit:

The Transition movie, called “In Transition,” unfortunately did not come through the live stream as promised May 23rd due to technical challenges. However the DVD will be out in September. Click here for details:

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