Change Begins Within

John ‘Eric’ Hutchins

Separation from the innermost core of your Being, and how you make others aware of
your needs, may be the two largest obstacles to achieving the joy and fulfillment you
want from life. However, using one of a handful of ancient meditative techniques, and
learning to clearly and compassionately communicate your needs to others, can
liberate you from habitual fear and anger; harmonize your closest relationships; and
allow you to begin transforming your life from the deepest, most powerful level.

BEGINS WITHIN outlines the universal principles of personal
transformation, and demonstrates how to know, and ask for, what you want at the
deepest levels. You will learn why the closest relationships sometimes become
unsatisfying and break apart, and exactly what you can do at any stage to turn them
around with joy, clarity, and mutual understanding. This seminar also shows how
your progress toward personal and interpersonal transformation can leverage a more
workable workplace, and a more socially, economically, and environmentally
sustainable community.

Personal, Interpersonal, Workplace, Community & Global Transformation .. please see the images below….