Hello, and Greetings.

Im not sure who will read this but with a new spanking website and after watching Julie and Julia where Julie started her year long blog I thought why not. Ive been cheer-leading many excellent thinkers and activists so perhaps its time to put the words out there. And since I love films, especially documentaries, I thought I would write about whats happening daily, if thats at all possible with so much happening.

We had a grand time with the film FRESH. I believe its Ana Sophia Joanes 2nd film and it is so good. Even though I have watched it a number of times I keep widening my eyes to the portrait she made of Will Allen and Joel Salatin. Im drawn to them. Im drawn to their eyes and their commitment and passion and courage and stamina. They just keep going even after they have finally been recognized.


 Will Allen won the macarthur genius award (half a million dollars) and was in the NYTimes Magazine about a month ago (http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/05/magazine/05allen-t.html?_r=3). I recall listening to Joel Salatin at a Bioneers Confernce about a decade ago. His insights and passion infused the audience with glee and a standing ovation! But the film is the charmer. It pulls you in with the first scene about what America fears most: inconvenience. And we know its true, but we laugh anyway. We see what we all need to know, the problems of industrial ag and how it cannot keep doing this to the soil, to our culture and to our kids who are obese because of it. And then the solutions. The scene where Joel Salatin is up in the morning and says it cant get any better than this is such a breath of fresh air. The audience sucks it in and we follow him and listen to his words while he is talking on talk radio while the camera person is listening in.

The scene where he states that he’s making $3,000 an acre while his neighbor rancher is earning only $500 an acre is superb, since its practical. It concretizes the majesty. He continues by saying thathe hasnt planted a seed or used fertilizer in 50 years. The only thing he does is grow grass and orchestrate the animals to move on his land like the animals are supposed to do. The cattle roam and hop around and eat the grasses which herbovores are intended to do. They are not intended to eat corn! And then his egg mobile follows the cattle and eats what chickens eat. He tells us that he is marryoing the best of the indigenous animals as well as our technology. The technology in this case is a polyurythane fence that at 160 feet long only weighs 12 pounds yet it keeps the chickens safe from predators: bears, coyotes and others. Amazing!

Im gathering films together to showcase at a week long event sponsored by COPE and HOH at CalPoly to provide an educational week of films and conversation that deal with health, nutrition, farming, urban gardening, obesity and good decent meals. So Im wondering about the films that I like and what is appropriate and films that perhaps people havent seen yet. That is the tricker since I often feel that if 100 people see a film I think its a great turnout but it aint nothing like a movie movie being shown at the mainstream theater complex. So even if Ive shown a film it might still be good to show it to the thousands of people who still have never heard of the film.

Im thinking of King Corn, The Real Dirt on Farmer John, Killer at Large, Deconstructing Supper,  Flow, The End of the Line, Simply Raw and others… the film series will go from October 24th through the 30th.