GRACE: Pilgrimage for a Future without War
by Sabine Lichtenfels
(262 pages, 2007)
Price: $22

Shaken by the threat of a possible war against Iran, with the question what one single person can do to stop future wars, Sabine Lichtenfels decides to undertake a pilgrimage in June 2005. She gives away everything she owns, covers long stretches on foot and is without any money. Her driving force is the decision to uncover and change those internal structures which externally lead to war and violence. Doing this, she discovers a strength which begins to shine for ever clearer and brighter: “GRACE”, the connectedness with Creation, which empowers her to follow her inner voice more precisely and more thrustingly than ever before. Her pilgrimage takes her from Germany via Switzerland, Italy and Greece to Israel/Palestine. There for a period of 3 weeks she leads a group of 40 pilgrims, Israelis, Palestinians and Internationals, through the unique landscape of Northern Israel and from there to the other side of the wall into the occupied territories of the West Bank, through refugee camps, a jewish settlement and on to Jerusalem. In the name of “GRACE” support actions and unusual encounters take place, walls of fear and rage which for a long time have seemed insurmountable are now crumbling. With strong feminine authority and directness a woman describes her steps against the war. It is a truthful and deeply humane voice that is speaking. GRACE is a force“stronger than any government or any army, because it is at home in the hearts of all human beings.”