TSacredMatrix.jpg THE SACRED MATRIX: From the Matrix of Violence to the Matrix of Life
The Foundation for a New Civilisation
by Dieter Duhm
(370 pages, 2005)
Price: $27

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Is there a possibility left to put a stop to the global violence and to start a globalisation of peace? The answer offered in this book is: Yes, the dream of peace may become true. And that’s serious: Acting on the assumption of the most recent scientific realisations the author develops the concept of a global peace force that initially comes from a few points on earth, Healing Biotopes, and that is able to change the existing system in a future orientated way. “In the field building of evolution it is not the right of the fittest that counts, but the success of the most comprehensive”, is one of his assumptions. The transition from the matrix of violence to the Sacred Matrix of peace does not act on the logic of a power struggle, but on a change of program that is possible to conduct in every moment. Healing Biotopes are self-sufficient future communities, “greenhouses of trust”, “acupuncture points of peace”. They are centres in which post-capitalist technology is connected with ecology and social know-how. The author has been working with his team on the construction of the first prototype for more than 25 years.

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