by Jack Reed, Jen Chendea, and Jim Costa
(Co-Op Village Foundation, Inc.; 2007, 306 pages. $19.95)

At the time that I first received a review copy of this book, it ended up in a big stack of other books that I needed to look at. When I finally did sit down and spend some time with it, I was impressed by the wealth of information that is contained between its covers. The three authors have done an incredible amount of research. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the future is going to present all of us with more challenges. What all their work underlies is an in-depth look at the ways in which intentional community can help us to meet those challenges.

This book is not heavily theoretical. Instead, it is brimming with ideas and concrete plans for building community. There is everything here including different house plans, land-use schemes, business ideas, labor needs and finances. Not only the physical needs of the group are considered but also the less tangible areas that ensure the health and well-being of its members. All these plans and ideas provide an outline that can be fine-tuned and adapted to meet the needs and circumstances of individual communities. There is much here that will be of use to both those starting a community life together and those already a part of an existing group.

Reprinted from Communities Magazine