by Albert K. Bates
(New Society; 2006)

A world beyond petroleum needn’t be a scary proposition — it can be something to relish. As we move from a global culture addicted to cheap, abundant petroleum to a culture of compelled conservation, The Post-Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook provides useful, practical advice for preparing your family and community to make the transition.

Taking an upbeat view of “the Great Change,” this book offers recipes for these turbulent times that mend the many  rifts that oil culture has spawned. Wide-ranging in scope, topics covered include rebuilding civilization, changing your needs, water  and waste disposal, energy and transportation, equipment and tools,  and food storage and first aid.

Also featuring over 100 playful recipes — some using basic, wholesome  foods, some illustrating food growing or preservation, and all  emphasizing organic, flavorful, and locally grown produce — this book  is about having your catastrophe and eating it too.

“This book is like a Swiss army knife. Sharp. Simple. Very practical.  Extremely useful. Full of survival tools, which you may need in the  next five minutes or five years from now.” — Dr. Valentin Yemelin,  climate scientist at the United Nations Environment Programme/GRID- Arendal, Norway.

“In The Post Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook, Albert Bates demonstrates with great clarity and panache that if you love this  planet, you must change your life.” — Dr. Helen Caldicott,  pediatrician and author of If You Love This Planet: A Plan to Heal the Earth