by Thom Hartmann
(Berrett Koehler; 2006)

Thom Hartmann is a multifaceted man. He’s a well-known host of three nationally syndicated radio talk shows and a Project Censored award winner for his writing on the issue of corporate personhood. He also began seven companies, worked in international relief, founded schools and hospitals on four continents, and has expertise in childhood psychological disorders. Along the way, he found time to write 19 books, including his newest one just out in early September. Screwed: The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class is an account of how our government lost its moorings and is acting against the interests of the people it was elected to serve.

The results are disturbing, as the book shows how the US middle class is shrinking, democracy is ebbing, and both are on life support and threatened with extinction by an omnipotent corporatocracy wanting to destroy the system of government on which the nation was founded and which is codified in the letter and spirit of the Constitution.

Hartmann takes the reader on a journey of discovery of how to fight back and reclaim what these forces of darkness are taking from us. Screwed documents how our system of democracy and way of life are being destroyed by greedy and ruthless corporatist oligarchs allied with the government they installed in Washington to serve their interests at our expense. The only way to save our precious system is first to learn what they’re doing, understand how it’s harming us, and then follow the ideas laid out in the final chapter to act in our own self-interest. Unless we do, and soon, it won’t be long before the liberties and way of life we take for granted are lost because we weren’t paying attention, and now it’s too late to act.

By Stephen Lendman
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