by John Healey
(iUniverse; 2006; 190pp)

John Healey’s Awakening of a Foot Solider is raw and authentic. Not all awakenings are euphoric or utopian. The book jolts you into a state of awe just to read Healey’s experiences and travel with him through the tragedies that were necessary to bring about his awakening. You begin to understand that the challenges one faces are just as necessary as the “good times” in order to empower a change. Enlightenment can indeed be euphoric, and, concurrently, it can be dark, desolate and tragic. You have to be able be in both of these states at the same time; Healey writes so well that you feel yourself in that state of both, none, and all of awakened.

This journal challenges you to look at the ideology of “enlightenment” and see through a new set of eyes what can be the most life-changing and overpowering experience one can have. It’s blunt; you walk away from reading this book with a realization that Enlightenment may not be an easy task; you may have to work hard, struggle, fall down and get back up again — several times. Through the eyes and heart of a solider who shared his “to hell and back” journey towards awakening, this is as real as it gets.

I recommend John Healey’s book as a read to educate yourself on the spirituality of awakening. It is available on Amazon.

Kelly Cookson
Ord. Spiritual Counselor
Zaadz Ambassador