By Webster Griffin Tarpley
(Third Edition )

It is with sadness that I note this book is the strongest of the 770+ (almost all non-fiction) books I have reviewed here at Amazon. I am forced to conclude that 9/11 was, at a minimum, allowed to happen as a pretext for war and that there is sufficient evidence to indict (not necessarily convict) Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and others. Most fascinatingly, the author links Samuel Huntington, author of Clash of Civilizations with Leo Strauss, the connecting rod between Nazi fascists and the neo-cons.

This is, without question, the most important modern reference on state-sponsored terrorism. It pointedly suggests that select rogue elements within the U.S. Government are guilty of state-sponsored terrorism, most likely led by Dick Cheney with the assistance of George Tenet, Buzzy Kronguard, and others close to the Wall Street gangs.

Tarpley draws on historical examples of U.S. fabrication of threats (e.g. the bombing of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor) and many others (Jim Bamford publicized Operation Northwoods). It is an undeniable fact that the U.S. Government has been willing to kill its own citizens and fabricate attacks in order to move public opinion.

Tarpley suggests there is no conclusive evidence that 9/11 was of foreign origin, and to the contrary, there’s quite a bit of evidence that the hijackers had been trained at U.S. military bases and protected by the CIA and FBI, and that the end result of their actions –including controlled flying into buildings and controlled demolitions bringing down three towers, one of which was not hit at all — suggests a U.S.-based conspiracy.

The author is compelling in his review of the conflicts of interest for each of the 9/11 Commissioners and key staff; he is conclusive in his damnation of their performance and their refusal to be tough with NORAD, the FAA, and many other Executive organizations that refused to cooperate; and he is conclusive on his suggestion that all actual evidence points to the Pentagon being hit by a missile rather than an airplane.

He is especially compelling in condemning Rudy Guilliani as part of the conspiracy, and as the “bud” of the extreme right, charged with cleaning up the crime scene. Instead of making the area off-limits, Gulliani moved aggressively to “scoop and dump,” to the point that firefighters rioted.

Sadly, the Executive is now in the service of corporations that benefit from high crimes and misdemeanors, rather than in the service of the American people who suffer great ill from these terrible misdeeds.

My bottom line: justice has NOT been done, and this book, together with Crossing the Rubicon, is a major reason why I believe that eventually, Dick Cheney and others will be brought to justice.

Robert Steele was a Marine Corps infantry and intelligence officer for twenty years and a clandestine services case officer in the CIA.