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HopeDance FiLMs in May, 2012

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Cosponsorship details, for any individual, business or non profit org : http://www.hopedance.org/index.php/other-news/2439 (no money involved)

Also, it can be easier to see all the films in calendar style... just click the one you wish to learn about and the flyer, the facebook page and the trailer and summaries are all right there at the specific date: http://hopedance.org/index.php/events/month.calendar/2012/05/02/-


Facebook Invite page: http://www.facebook.com/events/434304006597255/

HUNGRY FOR CHANGE (good healthy food)
CHICO XAVIER: (Teacher of "John of God" and automatic "Spiritist" writer)
METAPHYSIA 2012: (one mans search for metaphysical answers)
THE GREENHORNS: (young farmers)
THE GREEN BEAUTIFUL (funny sci-fi movie about aliens coming to Earth, inspired by the Anestasia books)
KOCH BROTHERS EXPOSED: (Robert Greenberg's latest expose about the 1%)
METAMORPHOSIS (ayahuasca journeys with Hamilton Souther)

THE BIG FIX (uncovering the BP coverup of the gulf oil spill)
Trailer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bg_fpr6XBFM

DATE               FiLM                                                    VENUE & TIME

 May 22 (Tues)    THE GREEN BEAUTIFUL (French)*    Dancing Deer Farm (Templeton), 7pm

HopeDance : http://hopedance.org/index.php/events/icalrepeat.detail/2012/05/22/59

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/events/407815539252890/

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8m3Vy8bto4


May 23 (Wed)    METAMORPHOSIS (ayahuasca)    The Palm Theatre (SLO), 7pm

HopeDance : http://hopedance.org/index.php/events/icalrepeat.detail/2012/05/23/60

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/327055664033292/



May 24 (Thurs)    CHICO XAVIER (Portugese movie)*    Faulkner Gallery, SBarbara, 7pm

HopeDance link: http://hopedance.org/index.php/events/icalrepeat.detail/2012/05/24/58

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/events/350154555039631/

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blb0CDyPEH8


May 29 (Tues)    THE GREENHORNS (young farmers)    SLO Grange Hall, SLO, 7pm


May 30 (Wed)    THE BIG FIX (uncovering the BP cover up)    Steynberg Gallery (SLO), 7pm


May 31 (Thurs)    THE BIG FIX (uncovering the BP cover up)    Unity Santa Maria (SMaria), 7pm
    * with English subtitles


Atascadero Grange Hall:
5035 Palma Ave, Atascadero

Dancing Deer Farm:
2975 Vineyard Dr., Templeton

Faulkner Gallery:
40 E. Anapamu St. SBarbara

The Palm Theatre:
817 Palm,  SLO

SLO Grange Hall
2880 Broad Ave., SLO

Steynberg Gallery:  
1531 Monterey St., SLO

Unity Santa Maria:
1165 Stubblefield Rd., SMaria

SUMMARIES are at each date at the HopeDance calendar, that include summarties, trailers, links, flyers: http://hopedance.org/index.php/events/month.calendar/2012/05/02/-


KOCH BROTHERS EXPOSED / Trailer: http://bit.ly/GO7PQr
METAPHYSIA 2012: / Trailer: http://bit.ly/7weITN
CHICO XAVIER: / Trailer: http://bit.ly/rs6BUF
THE GREENHORNS / Trailer: http://bit.ly/10N9qP
HUNGRY FOR CHANGE / Trailer: http://bit.ly/ybGRHx
THE GREEN BEAUTIFUL / Trailer: http://bit.ly/Jdo9cv
METAMORPHOSIS / Trailer:  http://bit.ly/IFGLDF
THE BIG FIX / Trailer: http://bit.ly/qs6xg

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